The 4 Elements of a Perfect Ride

Achieving the 4 elements of a perfect ride will guarantee a satisfying experience when using a chauffeured car service.


You should be able to place a reservation a number of different ways. Online, by phone, fax, or email. Submitting a reservation online should be a fairly simple procedure. The software a particular company provides for you to place a reservation should enable you to obtain an estimate, recieve a confirmation number, and perhaps verify that a particular flight is valid and operates on a certain day. Online booking should automatically generate an emailed confirmation.

When placing orders by phone, of course the agent should be courteous patient, efficient, and knowledgeable. Fax and emailed reservations should generate a response within a reasonable amount of time.





"the one reservation that is not confirmed is always the one with inaccurate details"

The booker and/or passenger should always receive a confirmation call or email a day before the ride, verifying the details-period!



"if your car service can't get this right, all of the other elements are academic"

Your chauffeur should arrive onsite approximately 10 minutes before scheduled pick up time, ready to assist with any of your needs. He or she should be well groomed, dressed in approprate attire, and posses a pleasant demeanor. The vehicle should be clean inside and out; the interior should have no offensive odors present. The ride itself should be pleasant; there should be no sudden starts or stops, no unnecessary lan changes- the whole idea is for the ride to be relaxing. You should be able to sit in the back seat and not be concerned or worried about the driving. Your chauffeur should posses the skills to make you feel safe and secure in the vehicle, delivering you to your destination relaxed and ontime.





"In a timely fashion please..."

Your final invoice, or ride receipt, should arrive within a respectable amount of time. Your provider should understand that, in often cases, passengers must submit expense reports that include chauffeured car service.

In addition, the final charges should closely, of not exactly, reflect the original estimate, inless the reide incurred unexpected costs or deviated from ins original request.

Not respecting a passengers need of a final receipt in a timely fashion will taint an otherwise pleasant experience.